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We bring new life to used IT

We bring new life to used IT

We give new life to used IT

Instead of scrapping your used IT equipment, your business can make money thinking about the environment and sustainability.

1. Contact Circular IT.

We can make an offer on what your equipment is worth today. It is completely non-binding and free.

2. Packing and collection.

If you want to arrange collection of your equipment, this can be easily and quickly agreed with us. We send suitable packaging or cage for the packing of the equipment so that it can be transported to us in an easy and safe way.

3. Reception, sorting and categorization.

Your equipment will be received at our secured warehouse. Then all equipment is sorted, registered and data-bearing devices are assigned a special UID number that is connected to the device's serial number.

4. Deletion.

Within 48 hours of receiving your equipment from us, the data deletion of all data-bearing devices will begin. The data deletion is done with an internationally recognized deletion software and according to clear guidelines.

5. Final statement.

After the data deletion of all units, we prepare a complete final statement with an associated deletion certificate. The final statement contains all the details about the device's functionality, specifications, condition and value.

6. The device gets new life.

Circular IT is win-win - also for the environment. 


Responsible Circular IT

One of the world goals we in oath focus on is world goal no. 12, which is about responsible consumption and production. To achieve this, we have invested in and worked hard to establish our Circular IT concept as part of the future strategy of a more sustainable focus.

92% of the equipment we receive is resold and given new life, and 8% is scrapped in a responsible and environmentally friendly way with the help of Stena Recycling.

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